20 March 2018
Next Events at Saint Édouard

13 January 2018
Classic : Montréal staff Bar New Year Event
Every year, Saint Édouard host the montreal staff new year eve ! The best way to meet people that use to make you happy (drunk?) every night !

3 January 2018
2018 New Year Event - Lost Paradise !
We don't know if paradise exist, but Adam & Eve woke up in the night and joined us to finish the year with great people.

Free Champagne and great staff is our secret for a special night !

Thank you all for your energy and happy new year !

29 December 2017
Classic : Ugly Sweater party !
Every year between Christmas and new year's day, we organize our famous Ugly Sweater party
It became a classic night for us, you don't want to miss that next year !

See yourself ! %0A

25 November 2017
Happy 5th Anniversary
What a night for our 5th anniversary !! Everyone showed an incredible energy !!
Thank you all for your support as far !

21 September 2017
Goodbye straws !
1 billion straws are consumed every day on our planet .. A real ecological disaster! At Saint Edouard, we'll no longer participate to this ! From now, we won't use straws at the bar !

Cheers !

4 January 2017
2017 Royal New Year Event
We decided to finish the year with style at Saint Edouard !
Another madness night in Rosemont !

25 November 2016
Happy 4th Anniversary
Another restless night in Rosemont !!
Thank you so much for your love and keep us dreaming !!

5 January 2016
2016 New Year Event - Wonderland Party
Wonderland invades Saint Édouard on New Year's Eve! A crazy evening as we love to host in Rosemont !

6 January 2015
2015 New Year Event - Saint Édouard Bal Masqué
A massive masked people gang took possession of our walls for New Year's Day. Who's who ? Who cares, it was a crazy night !